MUSTASHAAR is an Arabic word, literally meaning ”consultants’‘. The name has been derived from the word ”shoora” or a group of people consulting each other for some issue to reach consensus. This process followed is participatory and consultative called as, ”mushawirat” that would ultimately lead to a better, informed and agreed outcome.

MUSTASHAAR strongly believes in partnerships and collaborative arrangements, and thus it is not just a ”consultancy firm” recruiting and hiring consultants, and fulfilling the client’s requirements. It endeavors to foster ”group practices” and take assignments, which would ultimately contribute, to improving health and development of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable. MUSTASHAAR, in conjunction with like-minded groups, hopes also to influence, directly or indirectly policy planning, strategic thinking and systems capacity, performance and effectiveness.

Mustashaar offers good quality technical, advisory and management services through a consultative process, in the social and development areas, with a special focus on health and population issues. Mustashaar as a firm has been contributing in the social and health sector since 2006; however the key-core members have an average experience of working in this field for more than twenty years. Thus we are new as a group, but have an in-depth and rich experience and innovative ideas, based on our national and international experiences. It is dedicated to deliver technical assistance/advisory services, for any agency or a firm or a private sector (both for and not-for profit). These services can be sought by all the interested partners in the country, region and anywhere outside.