The Core Group brings a rich and diverse experience in various thematic areas related to health and population. Following is a brief description of work & experience by the three core group members. Click on the heading below to view detail.

The Mustashaar in the last more than 2 years from its establishment has made significant contributions in the social sector of Pakistan, especially in health and population sectors. The following list illustrates variety of assignments either undertaken by the Mustashaar and its team or by the individual ”core group” members; they are of course part of the Mustashaar.

The advisory services offered through Mustashaar and its core group can be classified in the following categories:

  • Policy and strategy planning and development
  • Technical advisory services to development partners.
  • Designing, conducting and/or managing assignment & surveys
  • Implementing projects, training including the development of manuals
  • Field testing innovative approaches, followed by recommendations
  • Developing & implementing, monitoring, learning & evaluation systems
  • Conducting mid-term reviews and end of the project evaluations.
  • Above all, the Mustashaar is currently offering ”call-down” technical as well advisory and administrative services to various partners.

The major programmatic/thematic areas focused by Mustashaar include MNCH, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, RTIs/STIs, Population Welfare/Family Planning, the Global Fund focused targeted disease such as the TB, and HIV & AIDS, monitoring tools and techniques and strategic design and plans. Following is a list of the assignments, along with brief description and the partners that have utilized our services