All businesses rely on a healthy society and abundant environment whereas society requires the products and services of business. The environment is safe only when people are able and willing to invest in its long-term protection.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about achieving commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities, and the natural environment. The aim is to make sustainable development by balancing the impacts on economic, social and environmental systems by taking into account the interests of various stakeholders. It requires integration of social and ecological responsibilities into organizations core business operations enhancing its public relations or business affiliations enriched with the urge for developing a better society.

Mustashaar Social Development Advisors believe in observing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its business operations. We actively participate in disseminating our corporate social responsibility and hope that this process also replicates through other institutions/organizations.

Some of our involvements for this responsibility are:

Mustashaar Internship Program:

Mustashaar offers a unique Internship Program (1-3 months) for students and fresh graduates providing them a blend of opportunities to join hands with Mustashaar team in participating in their activities while getting a first hand experience in research and report writing. This Internship Program is specially designed to take Interns through the whole process of research starting from proposal writing, developing tools, conducting surveys, analyzing data and writing report. Besides research, the Interns also get to participate in various trainings, workshops organized by Mustashaar.

We encourage, students of health sciences and amateur researchers for free consultations and counseling for their academic dissertations and researches. For registering yourself as potential Intern, please contact us on

Free distribution of Global Health & Prevention lectures

As you know there is a need to enhance training on Global Health and Prevention for Medical and Public Health students. The Supercourse and Library of Alexandria have produced global health and prevention lectures (accessible for free at The Supercourse is a library of more than 2000 Global health and medical lectures and developed by over 58000 members of the Global Health Network. Thus, the team of Supercourse would like to reach out to all new medical and public health faculty, students and public health practitioners with the message about the importance of global health and prevention. Mustashaar, along with so many other partners has decided to join hands in this initiative. This initiative is aimed at improving the training of Global Health and Prevention for all medical and public health students in our country and worldwide.

Mustashaar is distributing free DVDs with the content of the Global Health Network Supercourse project to various medical and non-medical institutes, professionals, and organizations. You can request a free copy of this DVD by emailing at the following address: