We offer short and medium term technical assistance/advisory services for

  • Policy options and analysis, strategic approaches and planning
  • Project /systems appraisal, design, management & development
  • Monitoring, reviews & evaluation
  • Curriculum/manual development & training
  • Research/survey design & management

In addition, we offer ” call down” facilities for any agency or a firm or a private sector (both for and not-for profit) in some of the following areas:

  • Project proposal development
  • Preparation of reports to the donors
  • Lesson learning and dissemination meetings/workshops
  • Development of a particular sub-system within the health care systems such as monitoring system, financial system, drug management system etc.

MUSTASHAAR also offers to manage international missions/delegates visiting Pakistan for:

  • Scoping missions; arranging meetings and other logistics
  • Coordinating field visits
  • Facilitating selection of staff
  • Arranging temporary offices

Above all, MUSTASHAAR can offer any of the relevant advisory and management services for:

  • Refugees
  • Victims of earthquake
  • High risk and vulnerable populations
  • Other vulnerable groups

Above all we consider each of our clients as a partner and offer our expert advisory services and work with them as one of the stakeholders rather as an outsider just interested in accomplishing the assignment, and then moving on.