We are operating as sole proprietorship owned by Chief Executive. We have dedicated officers and project staff and technical advisory support is offered by a ”Finance Advisor” and ”HR Expert”. We are registered with the Central Board of Revenue of Pakistan. We have established state of art, computerized Financial Management system. The Financial system allows us to follow individual partner financial reporting requirements. All accounts are audited by the end of year.

Mustashaar has a head-office situated in Islamabad, with a number of dedicated support staff and managed by a Programme Manger. However, individual team is formulated according to the need and requirements of the individual assignments. A sub-office is also situated at Karachi and is headed by one of the members of core group and senior advisor to Mustashaar.

 The core group is the driving force for the Mustashaar. Their designations are as follows:

 Dr. Inayat Thaver :            Chief Executive

Dr. Fozia Qureshi:             The Senior Advisor and Head of the Karachi office