Welcome to Mustashaar

Mustashaar, Social Development Advisor’s mission is to bring a change in the development arena. We aim to supporting and contributing this process through highly qualified experts having relevant qualifications as well as practical experiences. The change-management process will have an in-built mechanism of strengthening the capacity and capability of the partners so that it can be sustained and desired results and benefits continue to reach to the poor, needy and vulnerable

At Mustashaar, we do not believe in a ”client-provider relationship”, but we encourage joint collaborative and partnership arrangements so that the change process does not suffer the dependency of individuals. We also believe that each relationship, no matter for even a small assignment is valuable and has mutually learning opportunities

We promote for creating a better tomorrow and improving the quality of life of people by ”Catalyzing the Change”.¬† Thus, Mustashaar is playing an important role by influencing the policy and strategy, designing and improving the systems and by facilitating monitoring and evaluation. ¬†All these will lead to ¬†alleviating poverty, decreasing illiteracy and ill-heath and by influencing/assisting the development partners to achieve the desired international and national goals and targets related to overall development.

We are looking for the change agents, come and join us…

Mustashaar, Social Development Advisors is a group of catalysts for bringing the social change, wherever and whenever it is needed. Thus one of the changes that we are endeavoring to bring in the development practitioners is to bring the like-minded experts on one platform so that collective efforts are made through a coherent and consistent process. At Mustashaar, you will find a team approach and working arrangements will be mutually supportive. If you are looking for improvement in development indicators, especially in the social, demographic and health dimensions, Mustashaar is the perfect place for you